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  1. General Provisions

1.1. The Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") shared on this page describes the procedure followed by Limood’s LLC (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), which is currently registered at 13727 SW 152 St 990 MIAMI FL 33177 and its affiliates and authorized representatives for the collection and use of personal data in connection with the use of the service to find the private transfers and all kinds of other transport services (hereinafter referred to as the "Carriers"), which are available at (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"). This policy applies to all people who provide information regarding the use of the Service ("Users"), including service users, passengers, and Carriers (including all agents, employees, and their drivers) as they use the Service through the website, mobile applications, all other available features, and services around the world.

1.2. The Company reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time without prior notice. Any new version of this policy will begin published on the website. By continuing to use the Service, the User confirms his or her agreement to comply with the terms of the policy in the newest version. The Company recommends that Users periodically review the policy to ensure that the User understands the Terms when using the Service. If the User does not agree with the terms of the policy as amended by the Company, he or she will not have the right to use the service.

1.3. Unless otherwise stated in this Policy, all time frames listed here are expressed in UTC+0. The start and end dates of the calendar dates listed here, including those used to determine the length of the period, should be determined by the start and end of each day in the UTC+0 time zone.

1.4. Unless expressly stated otherwise in this policy, any term used in the text has the meaning outlined in the Service Use Agreement or Service License Agreement.

1.5. This version of the Policy will take effect on February 23, 2022, and will remain in effect until a new version is approved and shared on the website.

  1. Collection of Information

2.1. At the time of using the Service, the Company will receive the following information from Users:

2.1.1. When transfers are ordered through the Service or Used by a passenger, information from Users may include:

  • Name, username, nickname,
  • Photos,
  • Company or entrepreneur name,
  • Company or entrepreneur registration details including VAT and TIN,
  • Email address,
  • Phone number,
  • Social media details (if registered via social login),
  • Service login details,
  • Personal account settings (current and previous),
  • Cookie files and other data files on devices used to access the Service,
  • Current location address and information,
  • Submitted transfer request information,
  • Previously ordered transfer information,
  • Airline loyalty card details or Service partner details (if specified in the transfer order),
  • All kinds of records of communication with the drivers and/or Service support,
  • Comments, reviews, and other functions assigned to the Carriers and/or the Service.

The Service will not in any way access and process the User's payment data (bank card details, bank account, etc.) when booking for any kind of transfer or using the Service as a passenger.

2.1.2. The following information of the Users may be used and processed while using the Service as the Carrier:

  • Name, company or entrepreneur name, or the Carrier’s conventional name,
  • Images,
  • Email address,
  • Phone number,
  • Service login details,
  • Registered address,
  • Legal entity registration details including VAT and TIN,
  • License information,
  • License information of the vehicles, such as photographs, registration information, technical data, used in the Transfers,
  • The Carrier’s driver’s license information,
  • The foreign languages that the Carrier can speak,
  • Payment details including banking information, payment system accounts (if necessary),
  • Social media account, website, or information on other virtual assets of the Carrier,
  • Cookie files and other data files on devices used to access the Service,
  • Personal account settings (current and previous),
  • The Carrier’s location information during the Transfers,
  • Placed order, completed and non-completed Transfer information,
  • All kinds of records of communication with the passengers and/or Service support,
  • Comments, reviews, and other functions assigned to the Carrier and/or the Service.

2.1.3. User data can be obtained with the following methods:

  • Users filling the relevant forms available in their Personal Account,
  • Users submitting the relevant data to the official email of the Company,
  • The Company collects information to provide the Service, which includes booking for Transfers and completion of the transfers.

2.2. When the User submits a Transfer Request, the Carrier will have access to the following information: place and time of the start and end of the Transfer, total number of passengers for that Transfer, and flight number (if any). In line with the terms of the specific details of the Transfer, Users using the Service as a passenger provide the following information to the Carrier: name (nickname or any information for the greeting sign), and contact telephone number. The carrier has no right to use the above passenger data for purposes other than completing the transfer.

2.3. The Company may collect and process information by providing the User information to its affiliates, subsidiaries, or suppliers, which will be covered by individual service agreements between these third parties and the Company. The Company may collect, and process data provided for the realization of the Service inside and outside the European Union. No matter where the data is processed, the company must take the same steps to secure the same actions described here.

  1. Data Use and Transfer

3.1. The Company reserves the right to use the information provided by the User to communicate with the User, check and process the data in the personal account, ensure the completion and payment related to the Transfers and share the information or promotional messages in any way and all media.

3.2. The Company has the right to share information with its consultants, marketing partners, suppliers, research organizations, and other service providers or business partners. During the transfer of information stated in this agreement, the Company will take steps to process information in line with the Company's guidelines and Privacy Policy, as well as any other applicable confidentiality and security legislation. These third parties may include the following:

  • The Carriers (only the above-mentioned data of the Passengers will be shared for the completion of the Transfers),
  • Users and Passengers provided for booking a transfer on the Service (including the Carrier data, which is required to fulfill their orders and with the purpose of settlement of conflict situations),
  • Payment receipt and processing operators,
  • Entities authorized to verify the provided documents (only for the Carrier data),
  • Providers of cloud storage,
  • Providers of marketing platforms and marketing partners,
  • Data analyst system providers,
  • Research organizations such as entities conducting research or taking pools on behalf of the Company,
  • All providers assisting and guiding the Company for safety and protection practices,
  • Affiliates of the Company such as dependent companies and subsidiaries,
  • All professional services including auditors, accountants, lawyers, and consultants,
  • Insurance and financial service partners,
  • Airlines and airports.

3.3. The Company may transfer User Data if deemed necessary by applicable law, regulation, applicable contract, legal process, or governmental request, or if such information needs to be disclosed to resolve conflicting situations (particularly related to settlement and/or transfer payments), ensuring the security of the Users or the Service, in the case of any disputes and claim, about receiving services in the Service and others by the User.

3.4. User information may be disclosed by the Company to third parties in connection with events such as mergers or sales of Company assets, mergers, and restructuring, business financing, and acquisitions, in whole or in part, or during the negotiation of such events.

3.5. The Company may disclose information to third parties in cases not expressly stated here, provided that it obtains user consent for the disclosure of information relating thereto.

3.6. Any data transfer by the Company mentioned under this section may cover the possibility of abroad data transfers. For Transfer purposes, personal data may also be transferred through the Service within and outside the European Union, including transfers to or from the United States and/or other countries that do not provide enough level of protection for personal data.

  1. Storage and Deletion of Data

4.1. The Company stores the information available in the User's personal account and all other data about the User until the personal account is deleted by the User or until the Service receives a request from the User to delete the personal account.

To comply with all applicable legal, tax, insurance, and other requirements under applicable law, customer support, service quality improvement, research and analysis related to the use of the Service, and direct marketing purposes, the company keeps all data about users that can be obtained in line with this privacy policy, including information about transfer payments and royalties, as well as about the devices used to use the Service during the period of use of the service for 7 (seven) years after the personal account deletion. After this period, the Company will delete or anonymize this data in line with applicable law.

4.2. Users can apply for personal account deletion at any time. Upon receipt of the request, the Company will delete all information about the Users, except for data to be stored, and restrict access by all third parties, including users of the Service, to the data about Users available in the Service. The User hereby accepts and agrees that even in case of personal account deletion, user data may be provided at the request of third parties, especially when there are conflict situations related to settlement or payment of transfers arranged to ensure the security of users or the Service, prevent or investigate fraud, etc.

  1. Access and Change of Data

5.1. The User can change the name, phone number, and email address specified in his or her personal account. The personal account also contains a history of orders made and approved Transfers (completed and incomplete for some reason), as well as user ratings in the Service.

5.2. Requests to obtain User data (including the purpose for which it is processed, the category of data processed, the recipient of the data, or the type of recipient), change the information specified in the personal account if it is inaccurate, personal account deletion and refuse to receive marketing information from the company can be sent to [COMPANY EMAIL].

  1. Cookies

6.1. The Company website uses cookies. Information that companies access through cookies helps provide services most conveniently.

By using this Company website, Users give consent to the placement of cookies on their devices in line with the terms of this agreement.

If the User does not consent to the Company's use of cookies, the user must visit their browser settings to disable cookies on their device, or not use this website and exit.

6.2. Cookie Information.

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded by the user's internet browser to the computer/tablet, mobile phone, or another device that the browser User uses to access any website.

Cookies are used to provide a user-oriented experience during the Use of the website and to provide convenient navigation on the website. They help track the most visited pages by the Users, determine the effectiveness of advertising and web searches, and provide detailed information about the user behavior, thereby helping to improve the communication tools and products offered to users. Cookies also help the User not to lose the data typed in the request form when the website page is refreshed. The cookies that the company stores through the website do not contain any data that would allow the user to be identified.

Please note that if the user disables the option to save cookies on their browser, the company does not guarantee the correct operation of the company website in the user's browser.

6.3. Used cookies.

The Company uses the following types of cookies: 

(1) Performance Cookies. These cookies collect data about how the website is used. For example, information about the most visited web pages. They can be used by companies to optimize websites, functions and facilitate navigation. These cookies are also used by the company's related parties to determine whether a form on the website is filled or not. Performance cookies are not used to collect personal data from website users. All data collected with these cookies is used for statistical purposes and remains anonymous.

(2) Functionality Cookies.

These cookies help websites to remember choices made by the Users while browsing the website. These cookies can also be used to store settings such as font and text font size and other parameters that can be customized from the website. Functionality cookies can be used to track company-recommended services and videos and prevent duplication. They also help users not to lose data typed in request forms on websites. The data provided by functionality cookies does not allow user identification and tracking of user experience on websites other than the company website.

(3) Advertising Cookies.

These cookies record data about a user's online activity, including visits to websites and pages, as well as data about the links and advertisements the user clicks to browse. It is necessary to display content on the website that is best suited to the user and to offer the opportunity to provide advertisements or other information in the best interests of the user. The Company, together with its third parties, including service providers and technology partners, engages in advertising targeted to user interests and provides personalized advertising and content that the Company believes will be of interest to users.

6.4. Cookie Management.

By default, most web browsers accept cookies. The user can change the settings to disable cookies on the browser or receive a notification when the file is sent to the device. There are several ways to manage cookies. Please read the browser instructions to learn more about how to adjust or change your browser settings.

Please note that some personalized services may not be provided to users and users who choose those settings may not have full access to all parts of the website.

6.5. Cookie Storage Management.

Some cookies are in operation from the time the user accesses the website until the end of a certain session in the browser. These files become unusable and are automatically deleted when you close the browser. These files are called session cookies.

Some cookies are also stored on the device between browser sessions and are not deleted once the browser is closed. These cookies are called persistent cookies.

6.6. Additional Terms and Conditions.


This policy may be modified and/or changed by the Company at its sole discretion without any prior notice. This policy is a public document available on this page. A valid version of this Privacy Policy is available online at [COMPANY’S PRIVACY POLICY LINK]. Users are recommended by the Company to periodically review the terms of this Policy for any changes and/or additions.


7.1. Since the Service operates all around the world, the Company, its service providers, and partners, which are located in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North and South America, may process the personal data of the User in line with local laws, which are governed by the applicable laws of those countries. Some of these countries are subject to adequate decisions by the European Commission and these include Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Israel. The company takes action to comply with applicable data protection laws for other countries.

7.2. Limood’s LLC is the administrator of all User data collected and processed under this Privacy Policy in line with the provisions of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 for Users residing in Switzerland and the European Economic Area.

7.3. Personal data of Users residing in the United Kingdom will be processed in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 and Limood’s LLC ( 13727 SW 152 St 990 MIAMI FL 33177 ) is the administrator of this data.

7.4. Personal data of the United States residents will be processed in line with applicable state laws (California Consumer Privacy Act, Delaware Online Privacy and Protection Act, etc.).