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For point-to-point transfers, customers should enter the pick-up and drop-off locations to the Search section. Then, customers will choose the date and time of the transfer and choose the car class they prefer from the list of classes. After the payment is completed, the Booking Conformation and Invoice will be sent to your defined e-mail address.

For hourly reservations, after selecting the pick-up and drop-off locations and specifying date and times of the service; you can choose have many hours of rental do you want. You can rent a car with chauffeur for at least 4 hours and maximum for 24 hours. Then, you can choose the car class you want from the classes list that you will see. After the payment is completed, the Booking Conformation and Invoice will be sent to your defined e-mail address.

You can specify the names and addresses of the locations that you will transfer during booking. You can select the pick-up point as an airport, or if you would go to the airport from a hotel or somewhere else, then chose the airport as the drop-off point. Take the location time for the route and extra 3 hours for check-in at the airport into consideration while setting your pick-up time.

While making reservations from an airport or railway transfers, it would be the best to specify the arrival time of the flight during the booking. Therefore, it would be more clear and easier for chauffeur to organize the meeting. If there has been a change about the arrival, it is important for us to be informed by customers.

If you are booking a transfer to an airport from a hotel, please mention the exact time that you will be at the reception. Calculate the departure time based on yourself. You can plan as 3 hours for transfer time and airport check-in. The time that the chauffer would need to make the transfer would also be specified by us.

You can get the information of how long does it take between locations through our website. In Locations section, you can find the information and approximate minutes between locations.

For the airport transfers, it is a necessity for you to enter your flight code during the booking with both letters and numbers. (For instance, TK1986 is a complete and correct flight number but, 1640 is not complete and incorrect.)

You should make and complete a reservation at least 30 minutes before your transfer.

Write down your exact address or destination specifically. Hotel addresses mostly can be found in the hotel voucher. Please, also be specific about your hotel’s name and address.

After you make your reservation, a confirmation email will be sent to you, to the email address you used while making the reservation, including the details of the transfer.

If you would not get any email by our side about your reservation, please contact with us through our email address

Cancellation, Refund and Changes

You can change your travel at least in 4 hours before your trip.

You can contact with our team through email or telephone number to ask your questions about the change and request the change. Changes that requested less than 24 hours before the travel may be declined by us.

You can cancel your trip at least in 4 hours before the agreed time of the travel.

You can contact with our team through email or telephone number to ask your questions about the cancellation and request the cancellation. The refund will be paid due to the specified time limits of free cancellation policies.

You can cancel your transfer with %100 amount of refund under these conditions:

If you cancel at least 4 hours before the trip for the point-to-point transfer services, you can get %100 money refund.

If you cancel at least 24 hours before the trip for the hourly car rental service, you can get %100 money refund.

If the reservation is cancelled less than 24 hours for hourly rental or less than 4 hours for transfer services; additional factors and penalties, especially upon money refunds, may be taken into account and applied according to policies under Terms and Conditions. Your payment will send back to you in the same way of you paid, under 5 to 7 calendar days.

If you canceled your reservation more than 24 before the transfer time, you will receive your refund in 5 to 7 calendar days.

After 5-7 days, if there has not been refund, check the history of your balance.

If there has been no information or notification about the refund, you can contact with us through

Meeting with the chauffeur

Your chauffeur will meet with you with a sign writing your name on, which you stated on your booking. During an airport transfer, your chauffeur will meet to at the arrival’s exit area or a specific meeting area which will be told to you. The meeting point will be stated in the voucher. If the pick-up point is a hotel, your chauffeur will be waiting for you in the lobby. Details and information about the meeting will be given in the voucher.

We will send you the contact number of the chauffeur before the transfer day. You should contact with your driver and inform them if there has been a delay on your flight for more than half an hour or has been postponed, or if the baggage takes more than it was planned.

It is under our guarantee that the chauffeur will do their best to meet you. Your chauffeur will have your number which you specified during booking and you will have the chauffeur’s number. Please feel free to get contact.

All of our chauffeurs are capable of communicating with you in English and most of them will also be able to speak the native language of the county that the transfer has provided.

If you cannot find your driver in the meeting area, at first, please check the signs and names once again. Then wait for 15 minutes and contact with your driver through the given contact number. If the chauffeur did not contact with you after the 30 minutes of the agreed pick-up time, you can leave without waiting anymore longer. Your payment will be refunded if the driver has not met you.


After entering the information about location, time, and car class of the transfer, you can click Pay to make your payment. Then, the payment screen will appear. You can make your payment with all debit and credit cards. Customers who do not use a credit card can pay via bank in €, $, £ belonging to Limood’s LLC. After the reservation is completed, the Booking Conformation and Invoice will be sent to your defined e-mail address.

If you would need to pay the reservation by invoice, please contact with us by the email address

You would be charged on either two different currencies: dollars or euros. Currency of your payment will be specified on the booking and payment pages. The rate of currency exchange can be variable and is based on your bank.

For payments; VISA, MasterCard and Apple Pay are accepted.

All the payment systems and options provide your safety of money transfer and data security based on the international standards.

Yes, it is. All the payments are received by the bank and your safety is guaranteed about the payment process.

You will make your payment in the currency that is stated in your voucher.

If you make reservation for an airport transfer, the fee and process already include a one hour waiting time after the scheduled arrival time. If the flight is delayed less than 30 minutes, the chauffeur will arrive at the time of landing. If the delay that you have been informed about is longer than 30 minutes, you should inform your chauffeur through the contact number mentioned in the email that sent to you about the transfer. But, If the waiting time became more than 1 hour, it would require an extra fee.

If you book a transfer from a hotel, or any other specific pick-up location, the price includes only 15 minutes of waiting time. If 15 minutes has exceeded, it will require an extra fee.

All of the prices are based on the provided car. Prices does not change or depend on the number of passengers. Only, the maximum capacity of passengers for the car cannot be exceeded. The capacities depend on each car classes.

The prices of the transfers do not depend on time periods such as weekends, etc. Only, the prices may change and increase on some holidays or any kind of important days because of the rise of the demand.

If you face any kind of problems about your payment, please contact with us through our email address and describe the issue in detail. We will get back to you as soon as possible and try to solve the issue.

Conditions of the Trip

Every child, regardless of their ages, should be taken into consideration while entering the information about the number of passengers.

During the booking, you can choose the type of child seat you want. Child seats are subject to an extra fee.

Before making reservation for the transfer of children, younger than 18 years old, or a group with 8 children or more; please contact with our team through to get accurate information about the conditions and the cost of the transfer.

Most of the countries requires child seats and it is regulated by law. For ensuring the safe transportation of the children, penalties can be applied for not using child seats. If the required child seat has not booked, the chauffeur has the right to refuse to make the transfer.

You can find the information about car classes and car models in our website. There is detailed information about every car model’s capacity for the number of passengers and the pieces of baggage. If you have any questions about the suitable car models, feel free to contact with us.

The providing of the same class and model of car that you chose, or a higher class, is under our guarantee. These are the rules for the classes:

Comfort class can be replaced by the Business, Premium, Premium Minibus, First and Minibus classes.

Business class can be replaced by the Premium and First class.

Premium class can be replaced by the First class.

Premium Minibus can be replaced by the Business, Premium and First Classes.

Minibus 7pax can be replaced by Minibus 10, 13, 16 and 19pax classes.

Minibus 10, 13, 16pax can be replaced by Minibus of a bigger capacity.

You can find the capacity informations of each car, which are vary, in our website. The standart for a baggage is considered as a bag or a suitcase. Its length, width, and height cannot exceed 158 cm. Hand luggage can stay in the car.

Please contact with us if you will travel with bulky baggage in order to choose the suitable class car.

Please inform your chauffeur about the delay and new arrival time through the contact number that given to you as soon as you find out about the delay. You can also contact with our support through email.

If you arrive earlier than it is planned your chauffeur probably will not be there, waiting for you in the meeting. You should wait for your chauffeur at the arrival’s exit area. You can contact with the driver to inform them about the early arrive. Please try not to leave the airport before your chauffeur arrives.

The fee of the transfers are same within the city. You can specify the city of the hotel, on the drop-off section while making the reservation. Then, you can enter the exact address of the hotel and details during the booking.

You can ask for the price and discuss the details with your chauffeur for a long stop or a change in the already planned route. The voucher, which will be sent to you through email, includes the details of fixed price, additional fee of the stops and other details.

Transportation of the animals is regulated due to the legislation. Animals must be transported within a carrier. They should have medical certificates and other required documents due to the legislation of the visited country. If any kind of violation of law, the chauffeur has the right to refuse to make or complete the transfer.

If any kind of damage happens in the vehicle during the transfer, the company has the right to require compensation.